Our cover photo.

The photos on this site are some of my favorite moments around Pequaywan. This photo of a young moose was taken on my way to Two Harbors on the Rosinni. It was a beautiful misty morning when driving the hills led up to this amazing silhouette of a moose. It trotted along in front of me for a while before disappearing in the woods. How does something so large disappear so easily through the trees? This photo was taken the year that moose tracks were found out by the pond, in my driveway, on the neighbors driveway, (and so was a moose!) It's not surprising that shortly after that we began spotting a lot of wolves in the area. 

I miss the canopy of tall pines that used to shoulder the Rosinni. It's not the same without them, but it is still one of my favorite roads to travel on.