Roadside clean up complete! Adopts A Highway. The two mile stretch on Co. Rd. 44 is picked up. There were moose tracks along the shoulder of the road yesterday near the swamp. This year's clean up finds were much less 'interesting' than previous years (For example: wads of women's underwear apparently from a bachelorette party game, a wolf carcass remnant someone tossed while making a rug). Litter bugs tend to drink Mountain Dew, Vodka, and Busch Lite Beer. The quantity of alcohol containers thrown out of our car windows does make one wonder about our safety driving along this road. It would be a DUI gold mine. Almost everything tossed to the ditches this year included recyclables or damaged car parts from hitting the ditch. (Might I suggest if you are going to litter, tossing cash instead?!) If you want to help out on this exciting treasure hunt, we pick up along the roadside twice a year. Keep checking our web site for details. You never know what you will find!